[Openstack-operators] Configuration for Dell R820

Pääkkönen Pekka Pekka.Paakkonen at vtt.fi
Wed Feb 26 13:20:42 UTC 2014


I am planning OpenStack configuration for a server rack with the following spec:
Dell PowerEdge R820:
+ 4 processors (Intel Xeon E5-4620), 8 cores/processor
+ 512 GB RAM
+ 8 HDD, 1 TB/disk
+ 2*1Gb, 2*10Gb network cards

How would it be reasonable to configure controller and compute nodes in terms of vCPUs and memory?

I am planning to use one controller due to shortage of public IP addresses, and I am wondering how many compute nodes I should use?

A use case of interest is execution of database instances in OpenStack with a write heavy workload.
I was hinted in the "Ask OpenStack"-service that 32 GB, 2  vCPUs per virtual machine may be a good starting point.

-Pekka Pääkkönen

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