[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Operators Gathering on March 3rd in San Jose

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Sun Feb 23 13:36:56 UTC 2014

One of the goals of the operator gathering is to discuss the mechanisms for how to give feedback to the projects. We've a lot of things to work through in the day but one of the reasons to do this in March rather than wait for the summit was so that we can give an early set of input into the design discussions such as for TripleO. Equally, we need to define the appropriate structures to prioritise the enhancements and continue the ongoing conversation between the different parts of the community.


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> Tim, were you aware this will be going on at the exact same time as the TripleO summit, which is happening just down the road in
> Sunnyvale the same week?
> I would like to see some mixing of these two groups. Perhaps we could have some operators come over to the TripleO summit one
> day, or the other way around, as I think feedback from the operators on what we have working now and what we're proposing going
> forward would be extremely helpful.
> Excerpts from Tim Bell's message of 2014-02-21 09:37:22 -0800:
> > We are organising an OpenStack operators mini-summit in the Bay Area on Monday March 3rd in order to gather input for key
> needs from an OpenStack operator for development effort in the Juno release.
> >
> > There are a limited number of places available so early registration is recommended. A further session will be arranged around the
> Atlanta summit.
> >
> > The details are at
> > https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/openstack-march-2014-operators-gatherin
> > g-tickets-10318369521
> >
> > Note: There will be no 'presentations' on what OpenStack is, or how
> > people are using it in their companies, outside of free-ranging discussion on these requirements. This is not an "operations best
> practice" discussion - the aim is purely on getting feedback on what is/isn't working and what needs to change.
> >
> > For further background, a few questions & answers...
> >
> > What is an Operators' mini-Summit?
> >
> > This is an attempt to bring together OpenStack operators of various
> > sizes and use cases and gather targeted feedback for the Technical
> > committee, PTL's and dev teams.  The goals of the meeting are to
> > prioritize issues/requests from the representative group of operators,
> > attempt to produce a blueprint or two from the top of that list and
> > introduce it all back into the development cycle for Juno.
> >
> > How was this event organized?
> >
> > The event was born out of discussion on the operators mailing list and
> > has been organized over the last couple of months by the user
> > committee, Tom Fifield (user community manager at the Foundation) and
> > several volunteers from the OpenStack operator community .  It's the
> > first time we've done something like this, and is as much an
> > experiment on the best way to build this process as it is an event for the gathering of feedback itself.
> >
> > How many people are you expecting to attend?
> >
> > We have capacity for 75 attendees, and we are limiting attendees to
> > those operating OpenStack clouds (not building products for or around OpenStack).  The event wil be hosted at eBay headquarters.
> > Since it is the first one, the organizing group deliberately wanted to
> > keep things on the smaller side to make sure we enable productive
> > discussions.  We really want the gathering of feedback to be useful
> > and actionable.  Hopefully we can create a repeatable mechanism that gives more and more operators useful ways to influence
> OpenStack design and prioritization as it evolves.
> >
> > When will the next Operator's mini-Summit take place, and will it allow for more attendees?
> >
> > The next gathering is planned to take place during the OpenStack
> > Summit in May 2014. The exact details and dates will be discussed during this event in March and shared shortly thereafter.
> > It's important we make this first event a success - and something we
> > can build on - in size, frequency and regional diversity.
> >
> > Why is this called a summit?
> >
> > Because, like the Design summit, this meeting is focused on what is
> > built in the next version of OpenStack.  It just happens to be from an
> > operator's perspective.  It's more than a meet up and is not a
> > conference or tech talk in anyway - there won't be howto's and
> > presentations.  It's a chance for the people that regularly deploy and
> > run OpenStack to share what works, what doesn't, and how to make the product better for everyone.
> >
> > Why is this being held in March and not during the OpenStack Summit in May?
> >
> > The earlier we can provide input into the design process, the better,
> > so we can influence the sessions and conversations that will take
> > place at the Atlanta Summit. We are planning to meet again at that
> > time, but want to provide feedback prior to the technical community gathering in May.
> >
> > Where will you be sharing the outcomes, and how I can provide input if I'm not able to attend?
> >
> > First, make sure you have filled out the user survey, which is a great
> > opportunity to share your feedback and completely confidential at your
> > request. http://www.openstack.org/user-survey
> > We are referencing feedback from the survey in this session and again at the Atlanta Summit.
> >
> > We will be circulating more details of the way people can provide input remotely before the event along with publishing the notes
> afterwards for further comment.
> >
> > Tim, Ryan, JC, Tom, Sean, Matt and Subbu
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