[Openstack-operators] Operations summit (networking)

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Excellent topics Joe, I will make sure we cover them.



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Hi Edgar,

A nova-network to neutron migration path topic is definitely of interest. In that same category, how about a discussion of the longevity of nova-network: it was recently unfrozen, how long can ops expect or want to use it in production?

Maybe a poll of what kind of network configurations are currently being used or would like to be used. If there are common ones, effort could go into the docs to make sure they are well described.

ML2 discussion is obvious, but perhaps any questions and feedback on it would be resolved by your deep dive?


On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 9:10 AM, Edgar Magana <edgar.magana at workday.com<mailto:edgar.magana at workday.com>> wrote:
Hi Folks,

Following Sean's initiative. I also would like to open the mailing lists to receive suggestions about the networking session on Monday.
I will be moderating that one and I would like to receive your requests about the topics to cover, this is a full feedback session, which means zero slides, this is all about collecting feedback for the development team.



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