[Openstack-operators] I have finally created an instance, and it works! However, there is no ethernet card

Jeff Silverman jeff at sweetlabs.com
Fri Aug 15 00:41:52 UTC 2014


I have brought up an instance, and I can connect to it using my browser!  I
am so pleased.

However, my instance doesn't have an ethernet device, only a loopback
device.   My management wants me to use a provider network, which I
understand to mean that my instances will have IP addresses in the same
space as the controller, block storage, and compute node administrative
addresses.  However, I think that discussing addressing is premature until
I have a working virtual ethernet card.

I am reading through
and I think that the ML2 plugin is what I need.  However, I think I do not
want a network type of GRE, because that encapsulates the packets and I
don't have anything to un-encapsulate them.

Thank you


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