[Openstack-operators] A couple of questions regarding Nova

Gerrit Tamboer gerrit at gerr1t.nl
Fri Jan 27 08:25:41 UTC 2012


We are currently testing the Openstack Nova product, but we have 2
problems/questions which we haven't find a decent solution for yet. 

1. In
The Nova-api v1.1 there is no option to Stop and Start an instance, only
Reboot and Terminate. I know that these options are available in v2.0 which
is in Beta right now.
Because we would like to work with the stable version
of the Nova-Api we are not planning to move to v2.0 for now. 
We are
wondering if anyone has managed to find a solution for this issue? Is there
a 'clean' way to implement and use a Stop and Start function in the API? We
can of course make an exception by using custom shell scripts for the stop
and start function (using virsh destroy/start) but this is kinda nasty ;)..

2. On our Nova-Compute machines we have shared storage using an iSCSI
target which gives us the ability to use Live Migration. This is working
perfectly! The only problem we are facing at this moment is that we want to
be able to start an instance on a different Compute Node when the original
Compute Node goes down. Is there an easy way or (even better) an API call
which can be used for this? The Live Migration function does not work when
the original Nova Compute node is down. We are currently planning to
implement our own patch which detects a compute node going down and
automatically starts the instances on different compute nodes using various
algorithms. Only the last part (starting an instance on a different node)
is something we need to figure out, hopefully you guys can help! :)


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