[Openstack-operators] diablo - unable to release a floating ip

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Thu Jan 26 09:20:46 UTC 2012


I am using the the version: 2012.1~e3~20120121.12191-0ubuntu0ppa1~oneiric1
from nova-trunk

I run multihost network. I can assign floating ips to instances, detach
them from instances, but cannot release them from a project.

When I issue:


the commands completes without error, but the address is not released from
the project.

in mysql query log I see the transaction regarding this is rolled back:

2700 Query     SELECT floating_ips.created_at AS floating_ips_created_at,
floating_ips.updated_at AS floating_ips_updated_at, floating_ips.deleted_at
AS floating_ips_delet
ed_at, floating_ips.deleted AS floating_ips_deleted, floating_ips.id AS
floating_ips_id, floating_ips.address AS floating_ips_address,
floating_ips.fixed_ip_id AS floating_ips_fixed_ip_id,
 floating_ips.project_id AS floating_ips_project_id, floating_ips.host AS
floating_ips_host, floating_ips.auto_assigned AS
floating_ips_auto_assigned, floating_ips.pool AS floating_ips_poo
l, floating_ips.interface AS floating_ips_interface
FROM floating_ips
WHERE floating_ips.deleted = 0 AND floating_ips.address = ''
 LIMIT 0, 1
  2700 Query     rollback

Still, from what I can see, the release operation should be very simple
(setting project id regarding the address to NULL):

Anyone has any hints why this is happening?


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