[Openstack-operators] Reducing ext4/qcow2 snapshot size

Soren Hansen sorhanse at cisco.com
Tue Aug 21 13:50:01 UTC 2012

Den 20-08-2012 18:47, Samuel Winchenbach skrev:
> I launched a large (100 GB) VM and made the changes I wanted
> (installed software, created users, etc...)  and made a snapshot.
> Now I would like to launch VMs from that snapshot with a smaller disk
> size, but no mater what flavor I select it always creates a 100GB
> image.

Yes, this is expected. The disk you have is 100 GB. There's no safe,
generic way to reduce its size. Any tool that does so makes assumptions
about filesystems, partition tables, etc.  Those assumptions may be fine
in your case (and even in most cases), but not always, so it's unlikely
to be supported by Nova.

Soren Hansen
Senior Software Engineer
Office of the cloud CTO
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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