[Openstack-operators] Newbie Question - Can I interface with open stack providers from my desktop?

Mr IT Guru misteritguru at gmx.com
Sat Aug 18 10:21:15 UTC 2012

Good Morning Matt,

Thanks for your reply.

On 14 Aug 2012, at 01:12, Matt Joyce <matt at nycresistor.com> wrote:

> It's an interesting use case.  I mean in theory horizon can do EXACTLY
> this.  Because it understands ACLs all it really needs is access to
> the API endpoints.... which keystone's directory service should
> provide.

Brilliant, my spirits are rising! I would like to use ACLs to provide my developers with access to a test lab in the cloud. That way they can test in the real world, get real world performance in terms of speed and such. It also means that they can spin up what ever image they have access to, without bothering me! It also means that I only have to deal with their final configurations. No more help desk calls because some 'dev' issued the shutdown instead of reboot command!

> And that means...
> A user who has openstack tm compatible images running on a variety of
> clouds could provide a unified web interface on all those clouds
> rather than relying on white labeled / customized interfaces.  I could
> see this as a legitimate use case for hybrid cloud deployments.

Thank you!! This is the angle I see it from. When deployments get to a certain size, like 100 nodes, you don't want to rely on just one provider, for the same reason that we have dual internet lines in our offices. It's just not a comfortable feeling. That said, you don't really want to have to update 5 different departments on where their actual machines are.

"What do you mean we're on EC2? I've been telling every one we're on rack space?!" - "What, only the lab is on rack space? But the EC2 CentOS image is different!? We need EPEL, dammit - we just updated the DNS! switch back, switch back! (Actual conversation I had!) One Hybrid interface would have prevented that!

> It's interesting to consider that sort of use case.  Never thought of
> doing it myself.  A little bit inception like.

Thanks for thinking about this case - I hadn't given much thought to a web interface. I'm assuming that horizon can be controlled by a web front end? If so …. and now I'm getting excited - It shouldn't be too hard to plug into a workflow engine. I can imagine giving management a web page with a big red start button, and telling them that only their username and password, (from LDAP, naturally), can fire up their spanking new cloud based CRM/website/whatever , that should score some brownie points!

> -Matt
> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 2:17 PM, Trey Duskin <trey at maldivica.com> wrote:
>> I'm not sure if Horizon will support this, although if the cloud provider's
>> APIs are standard, it might be possible to set up Horizon and point it at
>> the provider's endpoints.
>> However, why would you want to do this?  If we're talking Rackspace or HP,
>> they have consoles which appear to give you the same basic functionality as
>> Horizon.  Right now you should be able to "run [your] own cloud from an old
>> crusty pentium laptop with 512MB of memory."  Am I missing something?
>> On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 7:57 PM, Mr IT Guru <misteritguru at gmx.com> wrote:
>>> Good Morning Open Stack People,
>>> Please forgive this naive question.
>>> I've been trying to follow Open Stack, and to be honest, I think it's
>>> pretty awesome. From my understanding of Horizon, it's a dashboard for
>>> controlling the features of the stack as a whole. I can't help but thinking
>>> that, that's great for managing my own private setup - But can I use it to
>>> interface with a third party implementation - for example, My Rack Space
>>> account? And if not why not!!! (Just kidding). If this is off topic for the
>>> list, then I'm sorry, but my mind keeps racing as I think of the
>>> possibilities. If I'm off target, or if this is not the aim of Horizon, then
>>> I think I'll be a bit disappointed. I've been following this project since
>>> it was announced just to see the day where I can run my own cloud from an
>>> old crusty pentium laptop with 512MB of memory!!
>>> Thanks!
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