[Openstack-operators] Newbie Question - Can I interface with open stack providers from my desktop?

Mr IT Guru misteritguru at gmx.com
Sat Aug 18 10:08:03 UTC 2012

Good Morning All!

On 13 Aug 2012, at 22:17, Trey Duskin <trey at maldivica.com> wrote:

> I'm not sure if Horizon will support this, although if the cloud provider's APIs are standard, it might be possible to set up Horizon and point it at the provider's endpoints.

I would love to have this functionality - It means I don't have to purchase and configure bare metal to get systems up and running, just sign up for an account. It's like getting a time share to fly the enterprise, when all you own is a shuttle :)

> However, why would you want to do this?  If we're talking Rackspace or HP, they have consoles which appear to give you the same basic functionality as Horizon.  Right now you should be able to "run [your] own cloud from an old crusty pentium laptop with 512MB of memory."  Am I missing something?

Call it my ego - It's one thing to ask a web interface to do something, your limited by the providers imagination. It's quite another to send those commands yourself. I'd feel a lot more confident knowing that I can implement my own work flows, and also apply them to any other provider I use. I think it's more of a comfort thing. If it breaks, I know that it's my fault, but the feeling of redundancy being able to 'cut and paste' my environment - I think that's a feature worth having

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