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Rajiv Borrison rborrison at geminare.com
Thu Mar 17 14:02:17 UTC 2011

Hello All,


I thought I would forward my inquiry to these e-mail aliases as well to
see if I could gauge some interest on the topic J Any assistance would
be appreciated.


From: Rajiv Borrison [mailto:rborrison at geminare.com] 
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2011 7:25 AM
To: 'Stephen Spector'; 'anne at openstack.org'
Subject: RE: Openstack Object Storage


Hello Stephen,


Thank you very much for your prompt response and for pointing me to the
correct resources. I just wanted to elaborate to ensure that we're on
the same page - we plan on hosting the Ubuntu guest OS nodes for the
Openstack cluster within VMware ESX, but will be using raw storage in
the back end. Would this type of configuration be supported, or, does
the Ubuntu nodes need to be hosted on physical hardware? Look forward to
hearing from you.



Rajiv Borrison 


From: Stephen Spector [mailto:stephen.spector at openstack.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5:10 PM
To: Rajiv Borrison; anne at openstack.org
Subject: Re: Openstack Object Storage




Thank you very much for your interest in the OpenStack project and
specifically in testing Object Storage. The more people that test the
software and provide feedback the better the final solution is for the
fast growing user base. 


At this time, support for OpenStack is available in the following forms:

*	IRC Channel #openstack - the OpenStack developer community
actively participates in discussions on this IRC channel; Object Storage
developers are on line and can assist (NOTE - the project code name for
Object Storage is SWIFT and that is the term developers tend to use).
*	OpenStack User Email List -
openstack-operators at lists.openstack.org
)d>  is a dedicated email list for users to post questions and work
together to solve problems
*	OpenStack Developer Email List - openstack at lists.launchpad.net
(https://launchpad.net/~openstack) contains access to a developer
mailing list where you can ask questions
*	Documentation - Anne Gentle leads the community in creating
amazing documentation on all the various projects including Object
Storage. The docs for Object Storage are available at
http://docs.openstack.org/openstack-object-storage/developer/content/ or
*	Paid Support - Rackspace is the first or many companies to
create a consulting organization who can provide a wide variety of
support on a fee-based schedule; more information on that at


One more thing, VMware ESX hypervisor integration is on target to be
available in our Cactus release next month. To run ESX you will need to
get the latest developer builds; however, I am not sure on the steps
required to make ESX works so the developers will be your best contact. 


Hopefully this gives you plenty of ideas for moving forward. If you
still have questions please feel free to contact me. 




- - - 

Stephen Spector, Rackspace

OpenStack Community Manager

stephen.spector at openstack.org

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From: Rajiv Borrison <rborrison at geminare.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 16:53:44 -0400
To: <rick at openstack.org>, <anne at openstack.org>, Stephen Spector
<stephen.spector at openstack.org>
Subject: Openstack Object Storage


Hello All,


My name is Rajiv Borrison, we were interested in actually doing some
testing with Openstack Object Storage as we potentially will be putting
it within our production environment. We are a cloud-based DR service
provider and your product sounds interesting indeed. We just had a
couple of questions we were hoping you could answer.


1)      Is Object Storage compatible within a VMware vCenter environment
with ESX? Or, does it require physical hardware?

2)      Your documentation states that RAID5/6 configurations are not
recommended, these will be the back end data stores on our ESX servers,
however the front end virtual storage device would likely be a
NexentaStore virtual storage device utilizing the RAID5/6 back ends. Is
this still not recommended? How does Object Storage interact with the
physical RAID? 


If will likely have additional questions in the future - so we were
wondering if there was a primary contact we could speak/work with, if
possible. Please feel free to reach out to me at the number listed in my
signature at your earliest convenience, or e-mail me, look forward to
hearing from you.




Rajiv Borrison 
Technical Sales Engineer

Office: 416-593-4443 x258

Fax: 416-593-9097
Geminare Inc.



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