[Openstack-operators] Swift and its usage ??

shashidhar v shashidhar.velagandula at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 06:56:14 UTC 2011

Hi ,

I have built the SAIO setup on a test node which is running the Swift-1.2
dev version using swauth authentication

I was able to upload or download the file using the "st"  tool , I have some
queries regarding the swift storage, authentication, replication  etc

1. Is it possible  to enforce the storage limit for a non admin account/user
in swift , if so how to set that storage limit for a user ? How to
distribute the  available storage among different users ?

2. Test users are created as per the SAIO doc, how to set the access
controls ( read, write) on container, storage object etc w.r.t to each user

3. How to add/support  the users using their certificates (pem/pkcs12
format ) provided by a Certification Authority  ? As per the SAIO doc
current "swauth" adds the normal username and password only , any other
authentication mechanism it will support ?

4. How to check whether a file object is repliacted or not ? Can a user
explicitly set the number of replicas or only the admin ?

5. Is there any document to use REST APIs directly to interact with swift ,
sample steps for file upload/ download using REST APIs would be helpful  ?

Kindly provide some information

Thanks & Regards,
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