[Openstack-operators] Using OpenStack in my office

Shai Ben-Naphtali shai at shaibn.com
Tue Jun 14 08:51:58 UTC 2011


I've been reading about OpenStack, to setup a EC2/S3 like env. in my office
for our QA team.

I currently have a script that connects to Amazon's API, and starts the
various types of instances I need and using MetaData, I can then run a bash
script automatically on each instance, to identify its role, and thus, start
various services on the instance.

How much different is OpenStack from Amazon for me to migrate over to
OpenStack for our QA env?

Our production will remain in Amazon, but for QA, I need the instances to be
close and inside our local LAN... that's why I want to port the script that
I use in Amazon, for OpenStack (if that's at all possible...)

Thanks in advance!

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