[Openstack-mentoring] [first-patch] Mentor Eric Fried

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Fri Jul 20 21:52:52 UTC 2018


I'm Eric Fried (rhymes with "feed"). In IRC I'm efried, or fried_rice on
Fridays (it's our version of Hawaiian shirt day). You can find me in
#openstack-nova (I'm a core reviewer on the Nova project),
#openstack-placement (...who does a lot of work related to the Placement
service), #openstack-powervm (...and gets a paycheck from IBM to make
all of that work on PowerVM), as well as the shiny new
#openstack-mentoring channel. I'm in Central Texas, UTC-6 except when
DST is being stupid, and am generally online M-F 0730-1730 in my time zone.

I joined this mentoring program to help new folks learn and understand
the culture around reviewing and/or proposing patches. There's a lot to
it that you can't read in the docs, and just like any new culture, it
can be frustrating and discouraging until you get the hang of it. My
mission is to ease your path through this acclimatization process so you
can become a productive contributor who stays with us for the long term.

I look forward to working with you.


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