[OpenStack-Infra] Jobs are not trigger in Zuul/Jenkins/Gearman/Docker-plugin environment

Waldvogel, Sebastian Sebastian.Waldvogel at vector.com
Fri Oct 28 10:02:41 UTC 2016


I am currently setting up a CI infrastructure using Gerrit, Openstack Zuul server and Jenkins with Gearman plugin. The infrastructure does not run on openstack but uses the zuul server/merger. Zuul is working pretty well up to now. Changes in gerrit are detected and the related Jenkins job gets triggered.

Up to now the triggered Jenkins jobs was just a kind of dummy job with some echo hello world outputs directly executed on the Jenkins master. Now the Jenkins job shall be configured to be executed within a docker container using the Jenkins Docker Plugin (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Docker+Plugin).
As launch method 'Docker Once Retention Strategy' is configured in the docker cloud/ template. Behavior of this strategy is: 'For each job in the queue, an own docker container is started. Once the job has finished, the container is shut down.'. As described in the Docker Plugin wiki the Jenkins job option 'Restrict where this project can be run' is enabled and the related label of the docker template is set.

The problem:
When triggering the Jenkins job manually, a Docker container is spinned-up automatically, the job gets executed inside the container and finally the container gets shut down. Expected behavior.
But when the same Jenkins job is triggered by Zuul/Gearman the jobs stucks in the Zuul/Gearman queue (zuul status page says state='queued').
It seems like Gearman prevents triggering the Jenkins Job because no node is already only which can service the configured label. The node gets first spinned-up by the docker plugin when the jobs is started.

Current workaround is a manual setup of Jenkins Nodes and manual start of the docker containers.
Drawback is the missing 'feature' of getting a clean environment for every executed build.

Does anyone has an idea how to overcome the described problem?
Or is this an issue/design topic in the Jenkins gearman plugin?

Thank you very much for your help
Sebastian Waldvogel

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