[OpenStack-Infra] I18N Translation Checksite

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Thu Oct 13 15:56:20 UTC 2016

Dear Infra Team,

it's Frank from I18N :-)
Maybe as you know we tried this year (again?) to install the i18n 
translation checksite, based on DevStack with 
puppet-translation_checksite module. The module is online, the checksite 
not. Big thanks to lyz btw, she spent the most effort to bring the page 
on stage.
Due the fact there are so many issues in the installation I made a new 
proposal (1) to use openstack-ansible. There are some advantages 
(Horizon is running in a container) but still issues with the 
installation time. All information collected in (2).
My question is: would you support openstack-ansible as install medium in 
the next time? I know there is a creeping transition to use Ansible and 
you have also a lots of other stuff on the agenda.
It would be nice, if you can give us your opinion. I can also join the 
next infra meeting to discuss the topic if you like.

Thanks in advance

kind regards



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