[OpenStack-Infra] Resigning as StoryBoard-Core

Michael Krotscheck krotscheck at gmail.com
Thu May 21 18:16:28 UTC 2015

Hey everyone!

As many of you know, storyboard's been on a bit of a back burner recently,
largely because members of the TC have acknowledged that the project was
never properly resourced, and therefore have reversed their opinion on
whether we should be trying to build our own task tracker that meets
OpenStack's needs.

The discussion of whether to continue working on StoryBoard, and what to
replace it with, had similarly been halted, with me being told explicitly
that a decision would be made in Vancouver.

The session during which the decision was to be made just concluded, and
the "decision" was to continue maintaining StoryBoard in a Status Quo mode
until we can evaluate alternatives. These alternatives had been under
evaluation since April. In short, the future of StoryBoard continues to
remain uncertain, and I, as sole remaining active contributor, am again
left hanging.

I am resigning, effective immediately, as StoryBoard Core, and will no
longer contribute to the project. This moves the number of active
contributors to the project to zero, effectively killing it. I also propose
that storyboard, storyboard-webclient, and puppet-storyboard are
immediately moved to the attic, as without contributors, there is no real
narrative in which it could continue to live on its own.

Now that StoryBoard is no longer a viable alternative in the Task Tracking
discussion, I trust that the TC and Infra team will come to a quick
resolution on the topic.

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