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Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 04:09:04 UTC 2018

Thanks a lot for nice summary on Docs part especially!
I would like to add an additional summary with more context from I18n

Note: I mainly participated in Docs/I18n discussion only on Monday & Tuesday
(not available during Wed - Fri due to conflicts with other work in my
and my summary would be different from current I18n PTL if he have
parcipated in Stein PTG,
but I would like to summarize as I18n ex-PTL (Ocata, Pike) and as one of
active partcipants in Docs/I18n discussion.

Documentation & I18n teams started to have collaborative discussions
from Pike PTG.
Following with Queens & Rocky cycle, I am so happy that Documentation &
I18n teams had tight collaboration
again at Stein PTG for horizontal discussion with sharing issues and
tight collaboration.

More details for I18n issues are available at the bottom part ("i18n
Topics") in:


This year, I18n team actively started to support project documentation
translation [1] and there had progress
on defining documentation translation targets, generatepot infra jobs,
and translation sync on from project repositories to
Zanata for translation sources & from Zanata to project repositories for
translated strings.
[2] and [3] are parts of work I18n team did on previous cycle, and the
final part would be how to support translated documentation publication
aligned with Documentation team, since PDF support implementation is
also related with how to publish PDF files for project repositories.

Although there were so nice discussion during last Vancouver Summit [4],
more generic idea on infra side how to better support translated
documentation & PDF builds and translation
would be needed after some changes on Project Testing Interface which is
used for project documentation builds [5].

[6] is a nice summary from Doug (really appreciated!) for the direction
and plans on PDF and translation builds
by making use of openstack-tox-docs job [7], and I18n team would like to
continue to work with Documentation
and Infrastructure teams on actual implementation suring Stein cycle.


With nice collaboration between Foundation and I18n team, I18n team
started to translate
OpenStack user survey [8] after initial discussion on Pike PTG and, edge
computing whitepaper [9],
and container whitepaer [10] into multiple languages with many language
coordinators and translators.

Those translation effort might be different from Active Technical
Contributor (ATC) recognition
which translators also got for OpenStack project translation and
techical documentation translation [11].
Some translators shared that they would be interested in translating
technical documents but not interested in
OpenStack user survey and other non-technical documents.

I thought that it might be due to different governance (Foundation-led &
official projects with technical committee might be different),
and Active User Contributor (AUC) [12] recognition might be a good idea.
Although I could not discuss in details with User Committee members
during PTG,
Foundation agreed that AUC recognition for such translators would be a
good idea and Melvin,
one of user committee agreed with the idea during a very short conversation.
In my opinion, it would take some time for more discussion and agreement
on detail criteria
(e.g., which number of words might be good aligning with current AUC
recognition criteria), User Committee, and Foundation),
but let's try to move forward on this :)

Also, documentation on detail steps and activities with user survey on
further years and more on whitepapers
would be important, so I18n team will more document how I18n team
members do action with steps like [13].

And some translators shared concerns what there is no I18n in OpenStack
project navigator and map.
It would be also related with recognition on what translators contributed.
Foundation explained that it might be the intention of the purpose of
each artifact
(e.g., OpenStack were designed to show OpenStack components and how
those components interact each other with technical perspective),
and Foundation shared that Foundation would do best to aggregate
scattered definitions (e.g., [14], [15], and somewhere more)
for consistency, and find a nice place for Docs, i18n, Congress, etc...
on the Software/Project Navigator.


The detail summary is in [16]. To summarize,
 - I shared I18n process to First Contact SIG members. Participants
acknowledged that
   setting *translation period* would be needed but starting from
initial translation process
   would be a good idea since it is not translated yet
 - Participants think that user groups would be interested in
translating contributor guide.
 - Me will setup translation sync and publication on contributor guide
and Kendall Nelson would kindly
   help explain the background of adding contributor guide for
translator target.


Although I18n team now uses Launchpad [18] for task management,
I think there are mix on multiple language issues on "bugs" section,
which prevents from maintance
by language coordinators. After discussion on I18n mailing list [19], I
thought that it would be very grat
if Storyboard is internationalized so that I18n team can migrate from
Launchpad to Storyboard and
more global contributors access to Storyboard with their native language.

One issue regarding I18n-ing Storyboard was that story description for
most projects needs to be written
in English, but I18n-ing Storyboard might mislead contributors to write
description in non-English.
Participants thought that adding a warning message on posting pages
(e.g., posting a Story) would solve this issue.

Participants shared current implementation technologies used in
Storyboard and other dashboard projects
such as Horizon and TripleO UI. Brainstorming and making use of I18n-ing
libraries on Storyboard is an action item at current point.

I participated in a brief discussion with OpenStack-Helm team for
documentation contribution from Korean to English.
Current documentation and I18n process starts from English to multiple
languages, but some active contributors in OpenStack-Helm team
would like to contribute to Korean documentation first and translate
from Korean into English.
My suggestion is to keep current documentation and I18n process but add
more additional steps before English rst-based documentation.
For example, if OpenStack-Helm team cores agree to have
*doc-ko_KR/source* folder, contributing Korean documentation is limited
to the folder,
Zanata helps to translate from Korean to English on the folder,
translated po can make English rsts, and translated rst files are added
to *doc/source* folder,
there might be no affect on existing documentation & I18n process and
Korean documentation contrubution and translation from Korean to English
would be encouraged.

OpenStack-Helm team agreed with this step, and I think this would be a
good step for more Internationalization as a pilot project first but
this can be extended
to more projects in future.

This is my summary on I18n issues discussed during Stein PTG.
Thanks a lot for all members who involve and help Documentation and I18n.
Although there were no discussion on setting translation plans and
priorities, let's do that through [21] with Frank :)

And finally, more pictures are available through [22] :)

With many thanks,


[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/545377/
[3] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/581000/
[4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/YVR-docs-support-pdf-and-translation
[5] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/580495/
[8] https://www.openstack.org/user-survey
[13] https://docs.openstack.org/i18n/latest/release_management.html
[16] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/FC_SIG_ptg_stein
[17] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sb-stein-ptg-planning
[18] https://launchpad.net/openstack-i18n

Petr Kovar wrote on 9/20/2018 8:37 AM:
> Hi all,
> Just wanted to share a summary of docs- and i18n-related meetings
> and discussions we had in Denver last week during the Stein Project
> Teams Gathering.
> The overall schedule for all our sessions with additional comments and
> meeting minutes can be found here:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/docs-i18n-ptg-stein
> Our obligatory team picture (with quite a few members missing) can be
> found here (courtesy of Foundation folks):
> https://pmkovar.fedorapeople.org/DSC_4422.JPG
> To summarize what I found most important:
> We met with the Ops community to discuss the future of Ops docs. The plan
> is for the Ops group to take ownership of the operations-guide (done),
> ha-guide (in progress), and the arch-design guide (to do).
> These three documents are being moved from openstack-manuals to their own
> repos, owned by the newly formed Operations Documentation SIG.
> See also
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-meetup-ptg-denver-2018-operations-guide
> for more notes.
> We discussed improving the site navigation, guide summaries (particularly
> install-guide), adding a new index page for project team contrib guides, and
> more. We met with the Foundation staff to discuss the possibility of getting
> assistance with site design work.
> We are also looking into accepting contributions from the Strategic Focus
> Areas folks to make parts of the docs toolchain like openstackdocstheme more
> easily reusable outside of the official OpenStack infrastructure.
> We got feedback on front page template for project team docs, with Ironic
> being the pilot for us.
> We got input on restructuring and reworking specs site to make it easier
> for users to understand that specs are not feature descriptions nor project
> docs, and to make it more consistent in how the project teams publish their
> specs. This will need to be further discussed with the folks owning the
> specs site infra.
> Support status badges showing at the top of docs.o.o pages may not work well
> for projects following the cycle-with-intermediary release model, such as
> Swift. We need to rethink how we configure and present the badges. 
> There are also some UX bugs present for the badges
> (https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-doc-tools/+bug/1788389).
> We met with the infra team to discuss progress on translating project team
> docs and, related to that, PDF builds.
> With the Foundation staff, we discussed translating Edge and Container
> whitepapers and related material.
> With the QA team, we discussed the scope and purpose of the
> /doc/source/reference documentation area in project docs. Because the
> scope of /reference might be unclear and used inconsistently by project
> teams, the suggestion is to continue with the original migration plan and
> migrate REST API and possibly Release Notes under /doc/source, as described
> in https://docs.openstack.org/doc-contrib-guide/project-guides.html. 
> The OpenStack Contributor Guide was discussed in a separate session, see
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/FC_SIG_ptg_stein for notes.
> Please add to the list if I missed anything important, particularly for
> i18n.
> Thank you to everybody who attended the sessions, and a special thanks goes
> to all the PTG organizers!
> Cheers,
> pk
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