[OpenStack-I18n] User survey translation status with translate checksite

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 17:48:55 UTC 2017


In Zanata, not only OpenStack official projects, but also user survey [1]
is available
to translate for better internationalized OpenStack from around the end of
April this year :)

Now I have found that some countries have nice progress on user survey
and I have heard that Foundation recently updated translation source
strings to have
more source strings in Zanata.

Please revisit Zanata [1], also check user survey translate checksite, and
user survey translation for better quality of translated user survey.

- User survey translate checksite
: The site is available through https://devbranch.openstack.org/user-survey/
: Login is needed: The e-mail and password should be the same as your
Zanata login.
  If you have trouble in your login, please tell me and I would like to
guide you
  to resolve such situation.

- How to reflect translation update to the translate checksite
: You can edit translations through Zanata: https://translate.openstack.
org/iteration/view/openstack-user-survey/openstack-user-survey .
: Foundation manually updates po files from Zanata to translation checksite
: You can make a pull request to gettext/Locale folder in
https://github.com/openstackweb/openstack-org/ github repisitory
  (Note: The repository is not in git.openstack.org and it is mainly
managed from GitHub.)
: If you are not familiar with Github pull request, please tell me then I
will make a pull request.
  One example of pull request is:

With many thanks,


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