[OpenStack-I18n] I18n in BCN: I18n contributor meetup wrap up

Cloud Suhartono cloudsuhartono at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 02:32:43 UTC 2016

I just read this message including its link. Thank you for all contributors
making the meetup reports.
/suh - Bahasa Indonesia translator.

2016-10-30 8:48 GMT+07:00 Ian Y. Choi <ianyrchoi at gmail.com>:

> Hello!
> There were around total 20 participants for last I18n contributor meetup
> @Barcelona,
> including Daisy, Zanata team, Infrastructure team, Docs team, and
> Stackalytics team members!
> Thank you very much for such all kind and so active participation!
> Although there have been sort of time conflicts for some active
> translators and main contributors
> on other projects but who are helping i18n team a lot, we have met each
> other and discussed for better i18n.
> I think i18n team members have dealt various topics with so long time.
> If there was no time limit: 6pm, i18n members might have discussed much
> longer :)
> I am now transferring to go home and my final flight has been delayed
> about 3 hours,
> but thanks to such delay, I have briefly summarized now what have been
> discussed and
> what are results from I18n contributor meetup.
> Please see Etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org
> /p/barcelona-i18n-meetup ,
> and "Discussed Topics and Results" (2nd) section.
> - Andreas Jaeger shortly visited due to his return flight and we agreed
> with translation job
> import and export criteria. I have briefly summarized in number *(1)*.
> - Ilya Shakhat, who is a Stackalytics core developer and maintainer,
> kindly participated in the meetup.
> If anyone is interested in Stackalytics with i18n statistics, please refer
> to number *(3)* for the details.
> - Although there is another infrastructure team meeting on the same time,
> Elizabeth K. Joseph
> and Clark Boylan came to I18n contributor meetup (thank you so much
> again!).
> Zanata upgrade *(4)* is what i18n team is really waiting for. Alex Eng and
> Patrick Huang from Zanata team
> gave some beneficial feedback (e.g., current Zanata version number and new
> version release plan) through IRC in real time.
> Moreover, I hope that some discussion of translation checksite *(5)* will
> yield more positive progress,
> although it seems that more discussion is needed.
> - Also, Lana from Docs team PTL visited to i18n contributor meetup,
> although she was leading
> Docs contributor meetup on the same time. Lana and me both agreed that
> more communication between
> two teams will make nice fruit *(6)*.
> - For i18n activities, we have differentiated and clarified the usage of
> web pages
> : Zanata dashboard, Wiki, i18n contributor guide, and so on *(2)*,
> and also finalizing Ocata translation plans is very important during Ocata
> Design Summit *(7)*!
> I will update Zanata dashboard according to the finalization.
> Because of some time restriction, some topics has not been discussed yet
> or just briefly mentioned.
> Let's also consider those topics gradually such as on the next IRC meeting.
> Some meetup participants took photos. Frank shared photos to Etherpad!
> I hope that other participants will share photos soon.
> Hope all to have a return flight safely. Again, thank you very much all!
> With many thanks,
> /Ian
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