[OpenStack-I18n] I18n in BCN: I18n contributor meetup wrap up

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 01:48:36 UTC 2016


There were around total 20 participants for last I18n contributor meetup 
including Daisy, Zanata team, Infrastructure team, Docs team, and 
Stackalytics team members!

Thank you very much for such all kind and so active participation!
Although there have been sort of time conflicts for some active 
translators and main contributors
on other projects but who are helping i18n team a lot, we have met each 
other and discussed for better i18n.

I think i18n team members have dealt various topics with so long time.
If there was no time limit: 6pm, i18n members might have discussed much 
longer :)

I am now transferring to go home and my final flight has been delayed 
about 3 hours,
but thanks to such delay, I have briefly summarized now what have been 
discussed and
what are results from I18n contributor meetup.

Please see Etherpad: 
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/barcelona-i18n-meetup ,
and "Discussed Topics and Results" (2nd) section.

- Andreas Jaeger shortly visited due to his return flight and we agreed 
with translation job
import and export criteria. I have briefly summarized in number *(1)*.

- Ilya Shakhat, who is a Stackalytics core developer and maintainer, 
kindly participated in the meetup.
If anyone is interested in Stackalytics with i18n statistics, please 
refer to number *(3)* for the details.

- Although there is another infrastructure team meeting on the same 
time, Elizabeth K. Joseph
and Clark Boylan came to I18n contributor meetup (thank you so much again!).
Zanata upgrade *(4)* is what i18n team is really waiting for. Alex Eng 
and Patrick Huang from Zanata team
gave some beneficial feedback (e.g., current Zanata version number and 
new version release plan) through IRC in real time.
Moreover, I hope that some discussion of translation checksite *(5)* 
will yield more positive progress,
although it seems that more discussion is needed.

- Also, Lana from Docs team PTL visited to i18n contributor meetup, 
although she was leading
Docs contributor meetup on the same time. Lana and me both agreed that 
more communication between
two teams will make nice fruit *(6)*.

- For i18n activities, we have differentiated and clarified the usage of 
web pages
: Zanata dashboard, Wiki, i18n contributor guide, and so on *(2)*,
and also finalizing Ocata translation plans is very important during 
Ocata Design Summit *(7)*!
I will update Zanata dashboard according to the finalization.

Because of some time restriction, some topics has not been discussed yet 
or just briefly mentioned.
Let's also consider those topics gradually such as on the next IRC meeting.

Some meetup participants took photos. Frank shared photos to Etherpad!
I hope that other participants will share photos soon.

Hope all to have a return flight safely. Again, thank you very much all!

With many thanks,


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