[OpenStack-I18n] Renaming of resources

Kato, Tomoyuki kato.tomoyuki at jp.fujitsu.com
Tue Apr 12 09:42:12 UTC 2016

> > Hi, Andreas
> >
> > Do you mean to move the *.pot files from "$module/locale" to the root
> > folder of module ( or the root folder of project  ) ? Will you move
> > translation files in language folders ?
> Only the name in Zanata is changed, see "Translation script challenges"
> as well. The files will stay the same in the repositories. But the
> parameter we give zanata is different and thus the files in Zanata are
> renamed.

Looks good to me. I don't have further concerns.
I agree with this change.

> > The purpose of this change is to support release notes translation, right
> > ?
> Yes.
> Also, it avoids problems like we had with keystone (see above referenced
> email for full details),

Also, in future, I'd like to add developer documents "doc/"
as translation resource, if someone want to.

KATO Tomoyuki

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