[Openstack-i18n] Handling of translations for Liberty

Akihiro Motoki amotoki at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 06:46:32 UTC 2015

Hi Andreas,

2015-09-30 15:11 GMT+09:00 Andreas Jaeger <aj at suse.com>:

> On 2015-09-29 16:25, Akihiro Motoki wrote:
>> Thanks for clarifying the situation, Tomo.
>> I am fine with merging it.
> Will do now.
> Apart from the progress, I was a bit surprised why Ironic was handled
>> specially.
> On what side special? When I made the list, it was made on projects that
> were translated already good enough. Ironic was not in the list. Please
> review the wiki link and check yourself the git repository for translation
> files.
> Now I moved ironic up in the list...

Thanks. now I got the full context.
I wan't check the wiki Translations/Infrastructure#Release_handling
and I thought the master branch is marked as read-only for all projects
with stable/liberty branch
(it is because I focused on translation reviews in my spare time in these
but it turns out my misunderstanding.


> In Japanese, we are making good progress on other projects.
>> For example, keystone and ceilometer have good progress
>> and the first round of keystone review has been done.
>> What is the criteria of this decision.
> Andreas
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