[Openstack-i18n] Usability problem for coordinators: managing join requests?

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Mon Sep 14 02:17:47 UTC 2015


Please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious here - Zanata is quite 
new to me :)

Based on my experience, it seems the process for approving a member 
request is very "manual" and could be quite frustrating for the large teams.

1. Email comes in:

Dear Language Team Coordinator,

Zanata user "Example Name" with id "example" is requesting to join the 
en (English) language team
Roles requested:


Example Name has included the following message with this request:

You can add user with username "Example Name" to the "en" team as 
translator using the "Add Team Member" action on the language team page.

You can click the link below to go directly to the en-GB Language Team 
Page. Please reply to Example Name at example at example.org when you have 
finished processing this request.


You are receiving this mail because:
You are a coordinator in the "English" language team

2. Click the link to go to the Language Team
3. Can't do anything - need to login, so click login
4. After logging in, you are back at your personal profile page. Can't 
action the request here, so go back to the email and click the link again
5. Expect to see something about the new request on the language team 
page, but there's nothing there. Can't action the request, so go back 
and read the email again.
6. Click the plus button to get the "Add Team Member" dialogue and 
realise you need to copy and paste the username from the email into the box.
7. Realise you don't remember which roles the user applied for. Go back 
and check the email a fourth time, then enter the roles and click add.
8. Email says it's now up to you to manually email the user to let them 
know they were added :)

Are any other coordinators having this experience?

Transifex wasn't perfect in how it dealt with join requests, but at 
least you could easily see a list of all of the requests for your 
language and approve them with a single click.

If I'm not missing something, and this really is the procedure we need 
to run through 50 times for the larger languages to on-board everyone, 
then doing it on an ongoing basis, it seems less than ideal :)



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