[Openstack-i18n] IBM translations to contribute

KATO Tomoyuki tomo at dream.daynight.jp
Fri Sep 11 22:17:55 UTC 2015

Hello Daisy, all,

Thanks for translation contribution by IBM.

> Hi, all
> I have talked with Clark, Doug, and some translators today.
> As a summary, here are my understanding to the current situation.
> 1. Translators welcome IBM contributions because that 
> could help to lessen the translation efforts.

Very welcome!

> 2. IBM contributions have to go through the formal translation
> process, including: translating in Zanata (although offline and then 
> upload), 
> being reviewed by reviewers, being pulled from Zanata, being reviewed 
> in Gerrit, and passing the testing, before it gets merged finally.


> 3. Zanata doesn't support to pull reviewed and approved translations.
> All translations except rejected translations, even not reviewed 
> translations, will be pulled. 
> 4. Because IBM contributions are a batch of translations, translators 
> might not have enough time
> to review one by one. Some translation team may want to do a pre-review 
> before the po files are uploaded to Zanata.

As far as Japanese, please directly email them to me as attachment.
I will pre-review and upload them.
It doesn't take so long time. Just a quick pre-review.
Then, openly review by Japanese team in Zanata.

> The key point is how to do the pre-review.
> Based on all the feedback I collected today, there are several options.
> Option #1: Pre-review in a private github repo.
> This one is not good because it's private, not public.
> Option #2: Pre-review in Gerrit
> The good thing is that it's public and under Openstack governance.
> The bad thing is that it'll take draft translations to developers' sight.
> Developers may get confused when they see the translation patch.
> What's more, messages in IBM's po files might in a different order, which 
> makes the 
> comparing with existing po files difficult.
> Option #3: Pre-review in Zanata by taking the advantages of version.
> Create a new version in Zanata, named as ibm-translation.
> Ask IBM to upload po files there.
> Translators could review in the web UI, or review offline by downloading 
> the po files.
> Translators make comments or updates through Zanata. 
> IBM make improvement based on the comments.
> When translators are OK with IBM translations, merge these two versions.
> Option #4: No pre-review at all
> Some translation teams don't mind it much as long as it covers only the 
> missing areas 
> of existing translation.
> I think, #3 is the best one.
> I have made a test in Zanata test server.
> I created a new version of Nova, see: 
> https://translate-dev.openstack.org/iteration/view/nova/ibm-translation 
> I asked IBM to upload the Italian translations of document "nova".
> You could see the percentage increase to 90%, while in master version the 
> percentage is still 37%.
> As translation team becomes more and more popular,
> there would be more people (or company) who want to contribute their 
> translations in po files. I want to create a formal process for those
> who want to contribute translations in batch.
> So I would like to collect your feedback to option #3.
> @ Team coordinators, let me know what do you want to check in pre-review, 
> and whether using Zanata version
> could support you well.

I feel #3 is a little complex.
As a result, #3 is a burden to the reviewers.
So, I think "#4': almost not pre-review" is reasonable.

KATO Tomoyuki

> @ Clark and Elizabeth, let me know if you are OK with it from the 
> infrastructure perspective.
> @ Carlos, maybe you could give us good suggestion as a Zanata expert.
> Thank you all.
> Best regards
> Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)

> > ceilometer, glance, heat, nova, ironic, neutron, cinder, keystone, and swift.  

BTW, openstack client is important :)

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