[Openstack-i18n] Need more inputs: Pootle and Zanata trial

Ying Chun Guo guoyingc at cn.ibm.com
Fri Oct 31 03:36:01 UTC 2014


Thank you for those volunteers who are registered as testers:
    Chandan Kumar
    Sungjin Kang
    Tom Fifield
    Andreas Jaeger
    Marian Tort
    Pablo Iranzo
    Maxime Coquerel (ZiGMaX)

I would like to collect more inputs from you.
Please response to me with answers to those questions by next Tuesday:
(You could response my personal email if you don't want to public your

1. Which tool do you prefer?
2. Why do you make such choice?
e.g. what features of the selected tool do you like?
what features of the other tool do you not like?

Your inputs will help us to provide good translation services to all
Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)

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Ying Chun Guo/China/IBM wrote on 2014/10/16 17:04:27:

> Ying Chun Guo/China/IBM
> 2014/10/16 17:04
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> openstack-i18n at lists.openstack.org,
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> Subject
> Pootle and Zanata trial
> Hello, team
> Pootle and Zanata trial are ready for test.
> 1. Pootle
> 2. Zanata
> I need volunteers to test features and feed back how satisfied you feel.
> I use an Etherpad page to track:
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/translation-tools-comparation
> I have gotten volunteers from Korean and Indian team.
> I'm looking for volunteers from other translation teams.
> If you want to help, please let me know.
> If you want to try admin features, send me emails with your account ID.
> Thank you.
> Best regards
> Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)
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