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Carlos Munoz camunoz at redhat.com
Mon Oct 20 09:38:57 UTC 2014

Hi Andreas,

First, let me apologize in advance if it seems as if I'm not getting to your emails soon enough, but being in Australia your emails reach me mostly outside of office hours. I will try to keep an eye out for urgent ones though.

As for your questions, Zanata's official client is the Java client as it contains the latest and greatest features. Having said that, we also try to keep the python client as up-to-date as possible, but it might be missing some of the latest features that we've added. The reason for this is that we also maintain a Maven client (for software Java projects) and it's based on the same codebase. Contributions are welcome :)

As for integration, you can use the client(s), or you can directly call Zanata's Rest API. Documentation on the available endpoints is here: https://zanata.ci.cloudbees.com/job/zanata-api-site/site/zanata-common-api/rest-api-docs/index.html
(You can find this link on www.zanata.org under the "Development" section)

As always, we're open to any questions you may have when making your decision.


Carlos A. Munoz
Software Engineering Supervisor
Engineering - Internationalization
Red Hat

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I've just did a first investigation into the synchronization features -
and have a couple of questions regarding the clients:

- has no official client, there's one in development but it has not seen
any changes since over a year https://github.com/translate/pootle-client
- it looks abandoned ;( See also
- The integration with a VCS like git is a direct commit to a
repository, nothing that would work for us:

+ synchronization uses same approach as we use with transifex today, we
should be able to use the same proposal scripts as today
- Official client is a Java client.
? There's a python client https://github.com/zanata/zanata-python-client
available as well, not sure about its status. Who can clarify?

Has anybody more information? With my current knowledge about pootle, I
see no nice way to integrate it into our workflow.

I'll test the zanata CLIs next,

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