[Openstack-i18n] Complete translations are big

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+1 for the Douglas proposal. The limit should be more 75% - 80% than 50%.

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On 05/08/2014 08:56 PM, Douglas Fish wrote:
> Yes, downloading files that are at least 50% translated would 
> alleviate my concern.
> FWIW I had hoped this might become the process, but I was thinking 
> more along the lines of 75% - it turns out for horizon both 50% and 
> 75% would choose the same languages anyway!

Would be fine for me as well.

> Would this determination be on a per file basis?  Is there any concern 
> that projects could pick up different translations? (that is, en_US_mn 
> might be 80% translated in Horizon, but not translated at all in other
> I don't think its a problem - just making an observation.

Yes, it would be on a per file basis. We currently have no language that
translates all projects completely, so this wouldn't be a change,

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