[Openstack-i18n] Complete translations are big

Julie Pichon jpichon at redhat.com
Thu May 8 16:41:22 UTC 2014

On 08/05/14 17:08, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> On 05/08/2014 05:59 PM, Julie Pichon wrote:
>> We've been careful about which languages we add the po files for in
>> Horizon, so it does seem strange to suddenly add back everything,
>> especially if we will remove them again at release time.
> None of the other projects removes the files. With horizon, you can just
> change "settings.py" to only enable
> those languages that are translated properly.

I thought so too initially, but the language setting is only used if the
user explicitly sets one after logging in. Horizon first uses the
browser locale to determine which language to display. So if you are an
Italian user, if the MO files for Italian are present, Horizon will use
them instead of English, even though the translation is only 16%
complete and has not been reviewed yet according to Transifex. This is
not an ideal experience.

>> I wonder if there might be a way to only update languages for which we
>> already have the po files in the repo, rather than pull all po files? Or
>> if that is desirable at all.
> Yes, that is possible as well but then we would need to regularly check
> which languages should go in and which not. This is IMO to much manual
> work.

This is what has been going on so far though (in Horizon): Daisy checks
with the language coordinators for languages that are 100% complete or
close enough to see if they are happy with the quality, and if the
language should be included in the release.

The translation reviews and quality checks need to happen somewhere.
Developers don't have the skills to review a huge patch update in
multiple languages, however Transifex seems to let you review the
translations. I'm not sure that it makes sense to ignore the translation
status and quality review percentages, and just pull everything into the
repository, even if it was a half-hearted effort abandoned early.
Translators want to show off their best work too.

I'm expressing my concerns but in the end I defer entirely to the
translation/i18n team. The process is set up for you and to enable you
all to work, and if I'm missing the point I'm happy to be enlightened
and leave it at that :)



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