[Openstack-i18n] Including the final : with strings

Douglas Fish drfish at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 30 20:15:07 UTC 2014

Thinking about the user of contextual markers a bit:  If the same string
exists with two different contextual markers its going to get put into the
PO file twice.  Once with each unique contextual marker.  Contextual
markers won't reduce the amount of stuff that needs to be translated.

Doug Fish

From:	Victoria Martínez de la Cruz <victoria at vmartinezdelacruz.com>
To:	"openstack-i18n at lists.openstack.org"
            <Openstack-i18n at lists.openstack.org>,
Date:	04/30/2014 07:53 AM
Subject:	Re: [Openstack-i18n] Including the final : with strings

Hi all,

Couldn't we solve this issue using contextual markers [1]? That way we
wouldn't need to duplicate strings and we provide the translators with
enough context for their translations.


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