[Openstack-i18n] Pootle test server

James E. Blair jeblair at openstack.org
Thu Oct 10 16:22:11 UTC 2013


In Hong Kong there will be a design summit session to discuss
translation tools:


>From our last round of evaluating tools, Pootle was a close second to


To help make the design summit more productive, I have set up a simple
test Pootle server so that we can examine it and answer any questions we
might have before the design summit.

You can log into the test server here:


I have done very little configuration of the system, I just wanted to
get something up quickly for people to look at.  I have imported nova,
horizon, and openstack_dashboard as projects.  Note that if you look at
nova, the number of translated strings Pootle reports is less than
transifex -- that's because Pootle has marked all of the fuzzy-matched
strings as "needs work", and strings that "need work" don't count as
being fully translated.

One thing that I believed has changed since the last time we looked at
Pootle is translation memory.  Here are the current docs:


Since that describes how it uses an external translation memory
populated with open source software by default, I believe that also
means that Pootle's performance in the "crowdsource" category may have
improved as well.

I'm also optimistic about the integration with Git.  Here's the


It looks like we may have options for getting nice git commits out of
this; it says a typical git commit message looks like this:

  Commit from GNOME Pootle by user Sipho.  80 of 100 messages translated
  (7 fuzzy).

Also, from what I've seen, it should not be very difficult to integrate
Pootle into the project infrastructure -- the deployment is fairly

Keep in mind this isn't a fully-formed proposal for a new system -- just
a test server running a basic configuration so we can look into it and
discuss it more at the Summit.  Please feel free to log into the test
server and play with it.  After you log in, just let me know if you
would like me to make your user an admin.


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