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Anne Gentle annegentle at justwriteclick.com
Fri Jun 17 13:18:34 UTC 2016

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 4:16 AM, Pranav Salunke <dguitarbite at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Thanks for acknowledging and identifying this issue. Check my in-line
> comments.
> One of our larger problems is that people just use Google, and Google
>> loves to rank our old (often unlinked on d.o.o) content higher than new
>> content because we can't effectively delete files. Without knowledge of
>> release naming/cycle and the latest version, people often stumble upon
>> older documentation that is either irrelevant or of questionable quality.
>> For example, compare the installation guide for Juno with the installation
>> guide for Mitaka.
> This is one of the bigger issues, apart from having confusion (from
> google's search results!) to linking to outdated documentation.

When you see this it should be reported as a bug. Until we have improved
docs publishing with
the fix is a manual one, so a bug must be reported in order to fix the
links to outdated documentation.

> Other aspect is that people want and like to use the official upstream
> documentation but there are other webpages which sneak in and kind of just
> mess around with the awesome updated documentation that we provide.

Can you say more about this? The words "sneak" and "mess" sound like
there's a deeper issue that we'll need more specifics if we want to fix it.

> I agree with Matt and add this other aspect which is confusing.
> Deliberately not naming the other non-upstream sources of documentation.

Are you not naming the sources, or are you saying we don't name the sources
and it would be useful to do so?


>> Thanks for sending this, I really appreciate all the kind words you have
>>> for the project!
> Lana,
> Welcome :). I am a part of this team, so I fell entitled to bring up
> things to improve our teams efforts.
> As far as 'extra' efforts, I do try to get involved as much as possible,
>>> but there's always more that can be done (and by people who are not me!).
>>> I'm considering putting in a documentation talk for Barcelona, which I
>>> haven't done since becoming PTL, and I'm also spending a lot of time
>>> talking to our CPLs to ensure we have project visibility. The What's Up,
>>> Doc newsletter is also my way of getting our message out to other groups.
> Lana, I agree, we should have a few talks showcasing the documentation
> team's efforts. Some internal team and process discussions, explaining the
> development models and also giving a high level overview of the
> docs.openstack.org. Most often people are confused about the scope of
> different books esp. I have heard a lot of confusion about Admin, Ops and
> Architecture guides. I guess we could really solve this issue through your
> talks at the summit.
> What's Up Doc newsletter is awesome but it is confined to improve
> cross-communication in the OpenStack community. I think its really
> important to do this but this does not address new comers and googlers!
> Note: Not every end-user for manuals reads the ML's!
> I'm always up for new ideas, though :)
> Kind of falling short of ideas here, but I am sure the community would
> come up with good creative ideas here.
> Regards,
> Pranav
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