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Thanks for acknowledging and identifying this issue. Check my in-line

One of our larger problems is that people just use Google, and Google loves
> to rank our old (often unlinked on d.o.o) content higher than new content
> because we can't effectively delete files. Without knowledge of release
> naming/cycle and the latest version, people often stumble upon older
> documentation that is either irrelevant or of questionable quality. For
> example, compare the installation guide for Juno with the installation
> guide for Mitaka.

This is one of the bigger issues, apart from having confusion (from
google's search results!) to linking to outdated documentation. Other
aspect is that people want and like to use the official upstream
documentation but there are other webpages which sneak in and kind of just
mess around with the awesome updated documentation that we provide. I agree
with Matt and add this other aspect which is confusing. Deliberately not
naming the other non-upstream sources of documentation.

> Thanks for sending this, I really appreciate all the kind words you have
>> for the project!

Welcome :). I am a part of this team, so I fell entitled to bring up things
to improve our teams efforts.

As far as 'extra' efforts, I do try to get involved as much as possible,
>> but there's always more that can be done (and by people who are not me!).
>> I'm considering putting in a documentation talk for Barcelona, which I
>> haven't done since becoming PTL, and I'm also spending a lot of time
>> talking to our CPLs to ensure we have project visibility. The What's Up,
>> Doc newsletter is also my way of getting our message out to other groups.
Lana, I agree, we should have a few talks showcasing the documentation
team's efforts. Some internal team and process discussions, explaining the
development models and also giving a high level overview of the
docs.openstack.org. Most often people are confused about the scope of
different books esp. I have heard a lot of confusion about Admin, Ops and
Architecture guides. I guess we could really solve this issue through your
talks at the summit.

What's Up Doc newsletter is awesome but it is confined to improve
cross-communication in the OpenStack community. I think its really
important to do this but this does not address new comers and googlers!
Note: Not every end-user for manuals reads the ML's!

I'm always up for new ideas, though :)
Kind of falling short of ideas here, but I am sure the community would come
up with good creative ideas here.

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