[TripleO] Last maintained release of TripleO is Wallaby

James Slagle james.slagle at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 17:38:07 UTC 2023

The team of TripleO developers, reviewers, and community have no plans to
do another release of TripleO, or to continue maintaining the Zed release.
This means the last maintained release of TripleO is Wallaby. The plan is
to continue to maintain the train and wallaby branches of TripleO
repositories under the openstack namespace. We plan to continue to run
existing CI on those branches, although we anticipate reducing to a minimal
set of jobs in the future. Going forward, the TripleO team expects to
continue involvement in other OpenStack projects, and focus on different
approaches to OpenStack deployment.

The team is not aware of enough other community interest to continue to
maintain the zed, master, and future branches of TripleO. Eventually, we
will empty commit these branches with a pointer to Wallaby being the last
release. If other interests do exist to maintain TripleO going forward,
then those plans can adjust.

TripleO does not plan on nominating a PTL in the current Bobcat election
cycle. If a PTL-like contact is needed for train and wallaby maintenance,
then someone will be nominated. I am also not sure how to reflect this
project structure change within openstack/governance, and am looking for
guidance on how to do so. This type of change did not seem to exactly fit
within the concepts of inactive or retired projects. I can work on the
patches for governance with some direction, if anyone can provide it.
Thanks, and please let us know any questions or feedback about this plan.

-- James Slagle
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