[ptl][tc][ops][ptg] Operator + Developers interaction (operator-hours) slots in 2023.1 Antelope PTG

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Fri Sep 2 16:31:41 UTC 2022

Hello Everyone/PTL,

As you know, one of the challenges we are facing nowadays is less interaction/feedback
from operators. To solve that, OpenStack TC has been discussing it in various forum/places
(Board, TC meetings). One of the ideas that came from those discussions was to bring operator
and developer together in events like summit, PTG etc. 

On that idea, we are trying to invite more operators (especially form ops meetup attendees)
in next virtual PTG.  Idea is to have operators join the project PTG slots. To make it easy
for operators and less conflict among projects, TC has booked a few slots as 'operator hours'
in different time/day. Currently those are booked as 'operator-hour-placeholder'[1]. Project can
convert/reserve them to their project operator-hour, for example 'operator-hour-nova'. 

How project can reserve/book these 'operator hour' (Action item for projects PTL/PTG planner):

1. Request Kendal or Fungi (in #openinfra-events IRC channel) to register the new track
 'operator-hour-<your project name>' for example, 'operator-hour-nova'

2. Once track is registered, pick one of the available 'operator-hour-placeholder' slot and book it with
 newly registered track 'operator-hour-<your project name>'. For example #operator-hour-nova book essex-WedB1

* Idea to book these slots as 'operator-hour-<your project name>' is to give operators a easy way to find and join.
Otherwise it will be difficult for them to find such slot/time from etherpads.

We request every projects to book at least one 'operator hours' slot for operators to join your PTG slot.
Ping me in #openstack-tc or #openinfra-events IRC channel for any query.

[1] https://ptg.opendev.org/ptg.html


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