Openstack-Ansible - Test Cluster on VirtualBox Hosts

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Fri May 27 06:13:54 UTC 2022


I'm not sure if you have seen mnaio guide or not, but it might give you
some insights:

It's for the same purpose, but describes installation using virt-manager
(KVM) and only for Ubuntu Focal at the moment.

However it might give some ideas if needed.

Also I'm not sure if that makes any sense to deploy Debian 10 now as in
Yoga it's support will be dropped.

Other then that it's hard to say anything as you never wrote what issues
you had.

You can also feel free to join us in #openstack-ansible IRC on OFTC network.

пт, 27 мая 2022 г., 3:29 Dave Hall <kdhall at>:

> Hello,
> Sorry for a beginner question.  I am trying to deploy a 3-host minimal
> test cluster on VirtualBox hosts via OpenStack-Ansible.  My purpose is to
> first build this test cluster and then to deploy a production cluster on
> physical hardware.  The test cluster will be used first to learn, and then
> to validate changes prior to deploying them on the production cluster.
> I started with Vagrant-Openstack, but it is still based on Stein and not
> easily adaptable to Xena.
> Right now I'm working with Xena and OpenStack-Ansible 24.x on Debian 10
> with a deployment host running Debian 11. All 4 systems are native
> VirtualBox VMs  I've managed to deploy a couple of nearly functional
> clusters this way, but never fully functional and stable.
> Any guidelines or recommendations for this kind of deployment would be
> sincerely appreciated.
> Thanks.
> -Dave
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