Openstack-Ansible - Test Cluster on VirtualBox Hosts

Dave Hall kdhall at
Fri May 27 01:27:06 UTC 2022


Sorry for a beginner question.  I am trying to deploy a 3-host minimal test
cluster on VirtualBox hosts via OpenStack-Ansible.  My purpose is to first
build this test cluster and then to deploy a production cluster on physical
hardware.  The test cluster will be used first to learn, and then to
validate changes prior to deploying them on the production cluster.

I started with Vagrant-Openstack, but it is still based on Stein and not
easily adaptable to Xena.

Right now I'm working with Xena and OpenStack-Ansible 24.x on Debian 10
with a deployment host running Debian 11. All 4 systems are native
VirtualBox VMs  I've managed to deploy a couple of nearly functional
clusters this way, but never fully functional and stable.

Any guidelines or recommendations for this kind of deployment would be
sincerely appreciated.


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