Octavia Amphora staying in PENDING_CREATE forever.

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Sun May 22 16:43:20 UTC 2022

On 5/22/22 16:54, Russell Stather wrote:
> Hi
> igadmin at ig-umh-maas:~$ openstack loadbalancer amphora list
> +--------------------------------------+--------------------------------------+---------+------+-----------------------------------------+-------+
> | id                                   | loadbalancer_id                 
>       | status  | role | lb_network_ip                           | ha_ip |
> +--------------------------------------+--------------------------------------+---------+------+-----------------------------------------+-------+
> | 5364e993-0f3b-477f-ac03-07fb6767480f | 
> 962204f0-516a-4bc5-886e-6ed27f98efad | BOOTING | None | 
> fc00:e3bf:6573:9272:f816:3eff:fe57:6acf | None  |
> +--------------------------------------+--------------------------------------+---------+------+-----------------------------------------+-------+
> This gives me an IPv6 address. What do you mean by the controller nodes? 
> The node running octavia itself?

OpenStack has no "controller" but this therm is usually used for the 
servers running the API and workers.

In this case, you want the nodes running octavia-worker. In the logs of 
the workers, you should be able to see that it cannot ssh the amphora VMs.

The IPv6 that you saw is the ha_ip, ie the VRRP port. This is *not* the 
IP of the amphora VMs that are booting. These are supposed to be in 
"loadbalancer_ip". However, you have nothing in there. So probably you 
haven't configured Octavia correctly.

Did you create a network especially for octavia, and did you write its 
ID in /etc/octavia/octavia.conf?

Also, did you:
- create an ssh key for Octavia?
- create a PKI for Octavia?

I created this script for the Octavia PKI, that you can simply run on 
one controller, and then copy the certs in the other nodes running the 
Octavia services:

This script can be used (though you may want to customize it, especially 
the IP addresses, vlan, etc.) to create the ssh key, networking, etc.:


I hope this helps,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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