Issue creating octavia loadbalancer

Russell Stather Russell.Stather at
Sat May 21 08:48:54 UTC 2022


Trying to create a load balancer. Get the following error.

igadmin at ig-umh-maas:~$ openstack loadbalancer create -f value -c vip_port_id --name lb1 --vip-subnet-id 66690e99-44b2-4233-8f16-d539c8a05090
Provider 'amphora' reports error: Port security must be enabled on the VIP network. (HTTP 500) (Request-ID: req-642a4b4d-0d45-4a08-ba47-d4232a350703)
igadmin at ig-umh-maas:~$ !1067
openstack network set --enable-port-security int_net
BadRequestException: 400: Client Error for url:, Unrecognized attribute(s) 'port_security_enabled'

Anyone come across this issue?


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