updating the overcloud domain in undercloud.conf | Wallaby | Tripleo

Swogat Pradhan swogatpradhan22 at gmail.com
Sat May 21 05:38:54 UTC 2022

I am currently deploying openstack wallaby using tripleo method, and my
overcloud is up, now i want to change the overcloud domain specified in the
udercloud domain and then redeploy the overcloud again.

So if I change the undercloud.conf to the new domain and run openstack
undercloud install, will it affect the already inspected nodes, provisioned
network, ceph and nodes? Do I have to do introspection and other
activities again?

My plan was to :
1. change the domain in undercloud.conf
2. run openstack undercloud install (hoping it doesn't affect anything else
and just updates the domain name)
3. redeploy overcloud stack only using openstack overcloud deploy (no
introspection, no node provision and other activities ).

With regards,
Swogat Pradhan
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