[neutron][opencontrail]Trunk ports doesn't have standard attributes

Gleb Zimin gzimin at mirantis.com
Fri May 6 11:27:59 UTC 2022

Environment: Openstack Victoria, OpenContrail (TungstenFabric) R2011.
Problem: Trunk ports doesn't have standard attributes such as description,
I have an environment where core plugin is OpenContrail. OpenContrail has
tf-neutron-plugin for proper work with neutron. There is TrunkPlugin, that
proxies all trunk-related request to the OpenContrail backend. Here is the
link for this plugin.
According to the openstack documentation: Resources that inherit from the
HasStandardAttributes DB class can automatically have the extensions
written for standard attributes (e.g. timestamps, revision number, etc)
extend their resources by defining the ‘api_collections’ on their model.
These are used by extensions for standard attr resources to generate the
extended resources map.
As I understood, it works only for plugins, which using Openstack database.
For example, openstack native trunk plugin has models.py file where we can
see this inheritance.
In case of OpenContrail+OpenStack Trunk plugin only redirect requests.
What can I do to make Contrail Trunk plugin works in the same way?
I'll appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
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