[all][foundation][ecosystem] External projects under the foundation hat

Stephen Finucane stephenfin at redhat.com
Thu Jun 23 10:28:31 UTC 2022

I suspect we're trying to achieve two opposing goals here, at least as far as
the tooling side of things goes. On one hand, we'd like to rely on the tooling
that opendev provides - namely CI that handles cross-project dependencies (Zuul)
and a powerful code review platform (Gerrit) - but we also don't want to
alienate existing contributors to Gophercloud who have a negative opinion of
Gerrit and don't wish to use it. We could build a system similar to what the
SQLAlchemy folks have done (see e.g. [1]) but that requires time and energy and
I wouldn't expect the OpenDev folks to do this, meaning we'd have to build and
maintain it ourselves. Otherwise, without this kind of integration, the
Gerrit/Zuul and GitHub systems couldn't really co-exist. As such, it seems
unlikely that we're going to be able to have our cake and eat it too, and we'll
have to pick one and deal with the consequences.

Regarding the legal side of things, it _sounds_ like there's no big issue with
regard to moving the project under the general OpenInfra umbrella but it'll be
trickier to move it under the OpenStack project unless the tooling is also
aligned. I don't know what the former would gain us and I suspect the latter
won't gain us much either unless we align with tooling.


[1] https://github.com/sqlalchemy/sqlalchemy/pull/7964

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