Few Open Questions: Openstack vs Proprietary cloud stacks

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Tue Jun 21 14:25:05 UTC 2022

On Tuesday 21 June 2022 09:45:35 AM (-04:00), Thomas Goirand wrote:

 > On 6/21/22 08:59, KK CHN wrote:
 > > List,
 > > Very recently  I came across a discussion with a banking corporation 
who are  heavy users of VMware in all their Data Centre operations ..
 > > They asked me a  lot of questions in comparison with openstack vs 
other proprietary vendors (such as  VMware.   ).
 > > As I am promoting OpenStack  I need to clarify these questions raised 
by the organization.
 > > I request your inputs for these queries .
 > > 1. Does OpenStack  support Hyper Converged Infrastructure ?
 > > Or any HCI vendors already  with OpenStack solutions? Please share the 
URL/link of case studies of OpenStack HCI.
 > > Any documentation/Reference  to install openstack as HCI solution  
with supported H/W OEM details . I can try out ...

StarlingX - kubernetes/openstack-helm/ceph integrated into an installable 

 > OpenStack does, as you are free to deploy the way you want. However, 
from my point of view, this is a bad idea: it's hard to get guaranteed I/O 
if you mix Ceph OSD and compute roles.
 > > 4. Does OpenStack new versions support VDI(Virtual Desktop 
Infrastructure) solutions out of the box.? pls give a reference link / url 
for the same.
 > Yes. 2 ways to do it: give a full PCI device to your instance, or use 
virtualized GPU. Nova can do both.
 > > 8. Tools to maintain multiple OpenStack Cluster
 > Yes.
 > > any concept of Supervisory cluster available
 > I don't know what that is (and many of the VMWare concept you mentioned 
but I didn't quote).
 > I hope the above helps.
 > Cheers,
 > Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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