Need help on rabbitmq

AJ_ sunny jains8550 at
Tue Jun 21 07:47:51 UTC 2022

Hi team

I am using kolla-ansible based openstack infra and getting below error in
logs seems frequent rabbitmq disconnections

<0.5023.16> closing AMQP connection <0.5023.16> ( -> - mod_wsgi:19:d3196668-57e5-46dc-8b69-78d73b5873a0): missed
heartbeats from client, timeout: 60s
AMQP server on is unreachable: [Errno 104] Connection reset
by peer. Trying again in 1 seconds.: ConnectionResetError: [Errno 104]
Connection reset by peer

Is this bug or any resolution for fixing this issue?

Arihant Jain
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