Devstack Installation Fails with Internal Server Error (HTTP 500)

Dan Smith dms at
Thu Jun 16 22:48:45 UTC 2022

> Is it possible dbcounter was not installed at the time glance was
> starting up? I didn't think so given the timestamp on the package dir:

Certainly doesn't seem like it, based on when we do it in the devstack
sequence either.

> I couldn't figure out anything so finally I tried restarting the g-api
> service and it started without any error. Subsequent restart also had
> no error.

Huh, interesting. I haven't been able to repro this locally so I haven't
been able to poke at it. Restarting it and having it work certainly
supports your sequencing theory. I guess I'll try to chase that
possibility tomorrow.

If lots of people start hitting this, we might want to just disable by
default and enable the performance gathering in our jobs. It's already
been helpful a couple times for debugging resource usage in the gate.


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