[openstack-ansible] [kolla-ansible] Which deployment tool for first timer?

Dave Hall kdhall at binghamton.edu
Thu Jun 9 14:58:41 UTC 2022


My question is about OpenStack-Ansible vs. Kolla-Ansible.  While I am
sensitive to the effort that has been put into both of these projects, what
I really need right now is the most fool-proof way to deploy and manage a
small production cluster for academic instructional use.

(BTW, I do understand that there are other differences between Kolla and
regular openstack.)

I have been working for a couple months with OpenStack-Ansible to deploy a
small (3-node) Xena test cluster on VirtualBox VMs in preparation for a
larger deployment on real hardware - 6 to 10 nodes.  My VirtualBox
deployment has been:

Debian 11 deployment, Debian 10 infra, compute, and storage nodes

It has been slow going, at least partially due to some issues and
limitations with VirtualBox (and Vagrant early on).  However, deploying a
test cluster on VMs still seems preferable to just diving into deployment
on real hardware and going through multiple scrubs/reinstalls.

I've recently seen more posts in the list about Kolla-Ansible.  So, as a
'beginner', should I shift and look at Kolla-Ansible, or should I stay the
course and continue with Openstack-Ansible?  What are the pros and cons of

For that matter, is there some other deployment mechanism that would be
more fool-proof for a first-timer?  Although I'm more familiar with Ansible
than the other tools (Chef, Puppet, etc.) I'm most interested in how to get
a cluster up and running regardless of the underlying tools.



Dave Hall
Binghamton University
kdhall at binghamton.edu
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