[charms] Team Delegation proposal

Chris MacNaughton chris.macnaughton at canonical.com
Thu Jul 28 20:38:46 UTC 2022

Hello All,

I would like to propose some new ACLs in Gerrit for the openstack-charms

- openstack-core-charms
- ceph-charms
- network-charms
- stable-maintenance

With an increasing focus split among the openstack-charmers team, I'm
observing that people are focused on more specific subsets of the charms,
and would like to propose that new ACLs are created to allow us to
recognize that officially. I've chosen the breakdown above as it aligns
neatly with where the focus lines are at this point, letting developers
work on their specific focus areas.

This proposal would not reduce permissions for anybody who is currently a
core on the openstack-charms project and, in fact, future subteam core
members could aspire to full openstack-charmers core as well. Ideally, this
approach will let us escalate developers to "core" developers for the
subteam(s) where they have demonstrated the expertise we expect in a
core-charmer. It also allows a more gradual escalation to being a core in
the openstack-charms project, making it a progression rather than a single

As a related addition, I'm appending to this proposal the creation of a
stable-maintenance ACL which would allow members to manage backports
without a full core-charmer grant.

Chris MacNaughton
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