Openstack routed provider network

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Wed Jul 27 07:27:08 UTC 2022

I suppose you referenced this document:

In Neutron terminology segments appear on different layers, on the API a
segment is a network type / seg. id / phys-net / net uuid tuple (see [1]).
What is interesting here that this segment has to be a representation on
the compute where l2-agent (ovs-agent) can know which segment is the one it
can bind ports.
That cfg option is in ml2_conf.ini, and bridge_mappings, where the
admin/deployer can state which bridge (like br-ex) is connected to which
provider network (out of Openstack's control).
So for example a sample config in ml_conf.ini like this:

bridge_mappings = public:br-ex,physnet1:br0

Means that on that compute VM ports can be bound which has a network
segment like this: ( network_type: vlan, physical_network: *physnet1*,
101, network_id: 1234-56..)
More computes can have the same bridge-physnet mapping, the deployer's
responsibility is to have these connected to the same switch, whatever.


Ignazio Cassano <ignaziocassano at> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. júl.
26., K, 21:04):

> Hello All, I am reading documentation about routed provider network.
> It reports: "
> Routed provider networks imply that compute nodes reside on different
> segments. "
> What does mean ?
> What is a segment it this case ?
> Thanks for helping me"
> Ignazio
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