[all] Debian unstable has Python 3.11: please help support it.

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Fri Jul 15 10:05:31 UTC 2022

On 7/14/22 16:30, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> Let's be clear, what's being asked here is that OpenStack not just
> test against the newest available Python release, but in fact to
> continually test against pre-releases of the next Python while it's
> still being developed.

I'm not asking for that. :)

All what I'm asking, is that when Python RC releases are out, and I 
report a bug, the community has the intention to fix it as early as 
possible, at least in master (and maybe help with backports if it's very 
tricky: I can manage trivial backporting by myself). That's enough for 
me, really (at least it has been enough in the past...).

> We have a hard
> enough time just keeping up with actual releases of Python which are
> current at the time we start a development cycle.

Yeah, though it'd be nice if we could have the latest interpreter in use 
in Unstable for a non-voting job, starting when the interpreter is 
released (or at least when the first RCs are out). We discussed this 
already, didn't we? I know it's a "would be nice thing" and that nobody 
has time to work on this... :/


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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