[all] Debian unstable has Python 3.11: please help support it.

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Jul 14 14:30:49 UTC 2022

On 2022-07-14 15:01:14 +0100 (+0100), Sean Mooney wrote:
> do we currently have 3.11 aviable in any of the ci images? i
> belive we have 22.04 image aviable is it installbale there or do
> we have debian bookworm images we can use to add a non voting tox
> py311 job to the relevent project repos?

Not to my knowledge, no. Ubuntu inherits most of their packages from
Debian, which has only just added a Python 3.11 pre-release, so it
will take time to end up even in Ubuntu under development (Ubuntu
Kinetic which is slated to become 22.10 still only has python3.10
packages for the moment). It's probable they'll backport a
python3.11 package to Jammy once available, though there's no
guarantee, and based on historical backports it probably won't be
until upstream 3.11.1 is tagged at the very earliest.

Keep in mind that what Debian has at the moment is a package of
Python 3.11.0b4, since 3.11.0 isn't even scheduled for an upstream
release until October (two days before we're planning to release
OpenStack Zed). Further, it's not even in Debian bookworm yet, and
it's hard to predict how soon it will be able to transition out of
unstable either.

Let's be clear, what's being asked here is that OpenStack not just
test against the newest available Python release, but in fact to
continually test against pre-releases of the next Python while it's
still being developed. While I understand that this would be nice, I
hardly think it's a reasonable thing to expect. We have a hard
enough time just keeping up with actual releases of Python which are
current at the time we start a development cycle.
Jeremy Stanley
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