[all] PyCharm Licenses Renewed till July 2021

Daniel Mellado dmellado at redhat.com
Wed Jul 13 14:43:55 UTC 2022

Hi all,

besides all the comments which I really appreciate, I've gotten a 
response from JetBrains and the licenses should be active again for one 
more year (2023).

Any volunteer to handle the JetBrains relationship from the community side?



On 13/7/22 11:04, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Daniel Mellado wrote:
>> Well... they expired... Is this a matter of just contacting JetBrains? 
>> I assume coolsvap won't be able to do this any longer, but IMHO this 
>> may just be handled by someone from the foundation/TC.
>> mnaser maybe? xD
>> CC'ing you just in case you'd like to step up, otherwise I'll try 
>> contacting JetBrains on my own ;)
> I'd recommend that someone relying on JetBrains handles the 
> relationship. This is why Swapnil was handling it before :)

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